Usually nobody cares what updates are installed on the system. We habitually click the "Install updates" button and reboot the computer without even thinking that something might go wrong after the updates are installed. We install updates in the hope that now security problems will be fixed and bugs will be fixed. But our dreams of a stable computer are dashed by the harsh reality that sometimes it's the new updates that cause system errors and a drop in PC performance. Find the problematic update or see what updates were installed last, the Windows 11 update log will help you. So if you want to see a list of installed updates, follow our instructions.

  1. Open Settings. To do this, you can simply press the "hotkeys" on your keyboard: Windows + I.

How do I open Settings in Windows 11?

Our article is for users who want to know all the ways to go to Windows 11 Settings.
  1. Go to "Windows Update".
  2. In the list of available items, click on "Update history".

windows 11 settings update log button en

  1. Then you get a list of all installed updates divided into the following categories: component updates (functional updates that add new features), quality updates (patches that fix operating system vulnerabilities and bugs), driver updates (new software you need to run your installed and connected hardware) and other updates that cannot be placed in the previously listed categories.
  2. Click on any category to expand the list of installed updates and get more information.

windows 11 settings update log categories en

  1. In the drop-down list you can see the name, the update ID that allows you to get information about the update online (for example, KB5006050), the update installation status (successfully installed or unsuccessfully installed), and the installation date. You can get more detailed information about the update by clicking on the small link button "Learn more"which is placed in front of each update. Clicking this button opens the Microsoft website with details about the update.

windows 11 settings update log details en

Having trouble opening the update log in Windows 11?

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