When you want your computer to run continuously for days on end, you need to make sure that it does not accidentally reboot to install Windows updates. Therefore it is advisable to either check for new updates and install them, or to pause Windows 11 updates and only then start working. To learn how to temporarily disable updates, please refer to our instructions.

  1. Open Settings of Windows 11. To do this, you can press the keys on the keyboard: Windows + I.

How do I open Settings in Windows 11?

A few simple and convenient ways, if using "hotkeys" is not suitable.
  1. Go to "Windows Update".
  2. And then click on "Pause for 1 week" or an arrow button pointing down to reveal a list of available options. For example, you can pause updates for two, three, four, or five weeks.)

windows 11 suspend updates 7 days and other time en

After this, checking for, downloading, and installing updates will temporarily stop. You can resume receiving updates at any time in Windows Update by clicking on "Resume updates".

windows 11 resume updates en

Having problems and not being able to pause Windows 11 updates?

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