The modern Windows 11 operating system constantly communicates with the Update server and checks for new updates for the operating system and Microsoft software. Sometimes installing updates too frequently can be annoying, because the system gives high priority to this process. As a result, many users experience performance problems while downloading and installing updates. Also, not everyone has an internet connection with an unlimited data plan. Downloading updates via the network with limited traffic may result in using up the huge amount of gigabytes provided by the provider prematurely. Previously we told you how to temporarily suspend updates in Windows 11. But if disabling updates temporarily doesn't work for you and you want to disable updates permanently, then follow our instructions.

  1. Find and click the search button on the taskbar or press on your keyboard Windows + S.
  2. Start typing the "Services".
  3. In the best match section, click on the system utility "Services".

windows 11 search services en

  1. In the window that opens, scroll to the end of the list of services.
  2. Find service "Windows Update" and double-click it.

windows 11 services windows update en

  1. In the "Windows Update" service properties dialog box that opens, change the startup type to "Disabled" and then click Stop to stop it from running. Confirm your changes by pressing "OK".

windows 11 services windows update disable en

  1. After these manipulations, the "Windows Update Center" service will not start when you turn on your computer.

Having trouble disabling updates in Windows 11?

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