Calendar notifications help you remember about upcoming appointments, and Mail notifications let you know when a new email arrives. However, not all users are comfortable with pop-up notifications: they can be distracting, distracting, or simply bad for concentration. In this article, we'll tell you how to permanently turn off pop-up notifications in all apps or just some apps in Windows 11.

  1. Go to Windows 11 Settings (press Windows + I on your keyboard).

How do I open Settings in Windows 11?

A few simple and memorable ways to navigate to the operating system settings.
  1. Go to "System".
  2. On the right side of the window, click on the "Notifications" option group.

windows 11 settings notifications en

  1. Opposite the Notifications option, move the slider from "On" to "Off" as shown in the screenshot below.

windows 11 settings notifications disable en

After that, you will stop receiving any notifications from the operating system and installed applications.

How do I disable notifications for individual apps only?

  1. Go to the Settings > System > Notifications.
  2. Find the subsection "Notifications from apps and other senders".
  3. Move the slider to the "Off" position next to the application for which you want to disable notifications. For example, like we did for the Privacy app.

windows 11 settings notifications disable for app en

  1. Similarly, you can disable notifications for other applications.

Having trouble disabling notifications in Windows 11?

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