More and more users are beginning to immerse themselves in the amazingly crisp world of 4k content thanks to the ubiquity of high-resolution displays. As the resolution increases, so does the pixel density and clarity of the image. But there's also a downside to technological progress. Text and interface elements on the display are getting smaller. How can you work in common office applications, such as Word, Excel, if the font becomes completely unreadable? Interface scaling can help. Read on to learn how to rescale the interface in Windows 11.

  1. Go to Windows 11 Settings. You can use the keyboard shortcuts for quick access: Windows + I).

How do I open Settings in Windows 11?

A few more convenient ways to go to the Operating System Settings.
  1. In the "System" section that opens, go to the "Display" settings category.

windows 11 settings display en

  1. There is also another way to quickly access the display settings. Right-click anywhere on the desktop that is free of files and select "Display settings".

windows 11 settings display context menu en

  1. Scroll down to the "Scale & layout" settings.
  2. At the "Scale" setting, click the drop-down list and select one of the preset scale options: 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%. By default, the interface scale is set to 100%.

windows 11 settings display scale en

  1. If the preset options don't work for you and you need more flexibility, you can go to the advanced zoom settings. To do this, click on any free area of the "Scale" parameter.

windows 11 settings display scale advanced en

  1. After that, the adjustable scaling parameters will open. You can enter any value from 100% to 500% in the text box. After entering the scale, click the checkmark button to apply the changes.

Do not change these settings unnecessarily. Doing so may cause text and applications to become unreadable. All displays will have a customizable zoom size that you enter. It may also be difficult to revert back to the original settings.

windows 11 settings display configurable scaling en

  1. The same window will notify you that the custom zoom factor will not be applied until you log out. Click "Sign out now" to activate the selected scale.

windows 11 settings display configurable scaling log out en

After logging out of your account and logging in again, you will see that the scale has changed. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the selected scale, repeat the previous steps. To return to the original viewing scale, select "100%".

Having trouble scaling in Windows 11?

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