Windows Update is a system service that runs automatically to keep your operating system up to date. But it is important not only to keep your computer up to date, but also to configure updates in Windows 11 so that updates don't distract you from your work and the system doesn't reboot at inopportune times. If you want to activate your personal update settings, follow our instructions.

  1. Open Settings. You can use the hotkeys: press the Windows + I).

How do I open Settings in Windows 11?

A few more easy ways to go to the OS settings.
  1. Go to the settings section "Windows Update".
  2. Press the button "Advanced options".

windows 11 settings update additional button en

  1. You will see a list of additional Windows update settings.

What update settings are available in Windows 11?

  1. You can receive updates for other Microsoft products. After activating this option, you will receive updates for installed applications published by Microsoft, such as the Microsoft Office.

windows 11 settings update additional settings office en

  1. You can enable an immediate reboot to install updates by activating the "Get me up to date". In this case, immediately after downloading and pre-installing the updates, you will receive a notification that your computer will restart in 15 minutes. If you wish, you can postpone the restart by clicking on the "Not now" button if your computer is in use at that time. Also keep in mind that if you select this function, the device will restart even during the activity period. So if you want to disable the activity period, just activate the "Get me up to date" function.

windows 11 settings update additional settings update 15 min en

  1. You can turn on the Download updates over a meterd connections option to receive updates whether or not you have a limited Internet connection. If your computer is on a mostly mobile network with an unlimited data plan, you can enable this feature without worry. But if you have only a limited number of gigabytes available, be careful. It is possible that the traffic will be consumed faster than usual, or vice versa. To avoid this, we recommend periodically connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable with an unlimited data plan and manually check and install updates, while using the unlimited network.

windows 11 settings update additional settings limit internet en

  1. You may receive additional notification when you need to reboot to finish the system update installation. By activating this feature, you will know when a new system update has arrived on your PC, and you can choose a convenient time to reboot your PC or reboot immediately after receiving the notification.

windows 11 settings update additional settings notification en

  1. You can set active hours. This feature allows you to adjust your computer's hours of activity when the system will not be allowed to restart automatically to install updates. By default, Windows determines the activity period based on an analysis of the time the device is used by the user. If you work mostly from 08:00 to 18:00, the computer will not restart during this time.

windows 11 settings update additional settings activity control en

At the same time, the hours of activity period can be set manually by selecting any value of the start and end time. The only condition: the time interval between the start and end time must not exceed 18 hours.

windows 11 settings update additional settings activity control error en

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