After updating Windows 10 to Windows 11, you'll notice that the taskbar interface has changed dramatically. In Windows 11, all docked and open apps are now centered instead of left, as they have been for decades. With Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to center the taskbar by default for application icons. If you're not happy with the default placement of application icons, the Start button, and want to restore the classic taskbar style, check out our tutorial.

The new centered taskbar in Windows 11 has a number of advantages over the classic version. For example, on large displays with icons on the left side, it was not so easy for users to reach the applications. In addition, those who are switching from macOS to Windows 11 will find it easier to get used to the new interface. At the same time, it is not difficult to guess why some users did not like the location of the icons in the center of the taskbar in Windows 11. For example, many will have to retrain and get used to the new logic of the operating system. In addition, the Start button is no longer static and moves depending on how many applications you have anchored or open. You can't just move the mouse to the bottom left corner without looking and press the left button to bring up the Start menu.

Luckily, Windows developers provide a way to revert to the classic location of applications and the Start button on the taskbar without installing additional software.

How do I turn off the taskbar and Start button in Windows 11?

  1. Press the keys on the keyboard Windows + I. After that, Windows Preferences opens. You can also open Start and select Preferences.

Windows 11 Start Settings en

  1. In the window that opens, go to "Personalization", on the right side of the window click on "Taskbar". If necessary, scroll through the list of subsections.

Windows 11 Settings Personalization en

  1. In the taskbar settings, click on the item "Taskbar behaviour". After that you will see a list of available settings.
  2. Find the Taskbar alignment option at the top of the list. From the drop-down menu, select Left.

Windows 11 Settings Personalization Taskbar alignment en

Windows 11 will then automatically move the icons on the taskbar from the center to the left, giving the taskbar a more traditional look.

s 11 Taskbar alignment left en

Similarly, you can undo changes and center the taskbar.

How can I center taskbar icons in Windows 11?

You no longer need a third-party application to center apps on the taskbar in Windows 11. Simply repeat the above process to restore the default view in Windows 11.

  1. Open "Settings".
  2. Go to "Personalization", then in the subsection "Taskbar", then "Taskbar behaviour".
  3. Expand the list at the parameter "Taskbar alignment".
  4. Select "Center".

Windows 11 will move application icons to the center of the taskbar. You don't need to confirm changes, restart Windows Explorer, or log out of your profile. Windows 11 will immediately place application icons in the center of the taskbar.

What do you think of the new taskbar design in Windows 11? Do you prefer the left or center alignment of the taskbar?

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